Please Dear Brits Leave The Union!

I usualy don’t write in English so there may (or, hopefully, may not) be some faults in the spelling or the building of sentences. So bear with me…

I have never before turned to a foreign public, I don’t know if I will reach out to a single one of you, but I feel that I must try. I have a belief that every single one of us can make a difference if we really want too.

So who am I too start with?

I am a quite ordinary, middle aged Swedish guy from the working class. I recently lost my job when the company (a printing company) went through a bancruptcy. So, for the moment I am unemployed, hence I started to blog.

Why should I care what you vote?

I am so sick and tired of the situation here in Sweden. It’s bizarre. I am headmost referring too the immigration situation. Last summer and fall it was as if a human tsunami hit us. I don’t have anything against helping people in need. It’s not about that at all. It’s about all the other ones that came with them, who we just let in because we don’t have any borders in Europe.

This has led to a split in our society, a deep, deep open wound that just wont heal. I am on the side that fear that we can’t handle the situation. It’s just to much. It is wearing our welfare down. It feels sometimes that a total collapse of society is at hand. I blame not only our own gouvernment I also blame the EU-system.

I do believe in cooperation, absolutely. It’s a must. But we don’t need this Union. We don’t need supranational control. This whole project and dream of building a ”United States of Europe” is not the solution to our problems. We can cooperate and have all kinds of interaction with each other without this.

I am highly suspicios also about all the ”intimidation-propaganda” that the main-stream media is broadcasting. I don’t believe that it will be devastating any nations economy to withdraw from the Union. Maybe in short terms, but in the long run I simply don’t believe there is any alternative that is better than a total disintegration of the EU-project. The sooner the better.

I believe (and hope) that a disintegration of the whole European Union will follow a Brittish exit. That is why I write this article. I want Sweden out of it. It is my firm belief that it only gain a very few and very powerful ”elite” in our societys with this form of Union. It’s a threat to democracy. It’s a threat to all of us. I love Europe, I love all our differences as well as our similarities.

This is my personal call to you dear Brits. English, Scots and Welshmen as well as any other citizen of Great Britain. Lay your vote on Exit.

Do it for all of us. If you leave we will follow!


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